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MTalks Science Gallery Melbourne presents ‘Perfectionisms: Pressure to be perfect’

Thu 18 Oct 2018, 6.15pm–7.30pm



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2018-10-18 18:15:00 2018-10-18 19:30:00 Australia/Melbourne Science Gallery Melbourne presents ‘Perfectionisms: Pressure to be perfect’ MPavilion MPAVILION

Image by Lucy McRae.

In so many aspects of our lives we continually strive for perfection—from needing the highest marks in school, to playing the best on the footy ground every week, to portraying the “perfect” life on Instagram. Sometimes this need for perfection is necessary for a task and at other times it hinders our performance.

Why do we strive for perfection when we know it is unattainable? Is it worth the anxiety it causes us? Join an intriguing discussion presented by Science Gallery Melbourne to explore how perfectionism exists both positively and negatively across a range of different industries, from the need for precision in making the next big scientific discovery to performance anxiety in the performing arts.

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This event is proudly supported by the Hugh Williamson Foundation as part of the Science Gallery Hugh T Williamson Lecture series.

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