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Bedroom Suck Records

Bedroom Suck Records.

Bedroom Suck Records began in the steamy sharehouses of inner-suburban Brisbane, perched over the crazy hills and tropical growth of that remarkable town. It began out of pure need—as darkness settled over those hills, bands would gather and make their own fun, putting on incredible shows of energy and talent, playing only to each other and a few stray passersby. The music created at these house parties would float into the night and fade amongst the palm trees, never to be heard again. Eventually, someone decided to get it down on tape, and Bedroom Suck was born.

Since then, BSR have been honoured to capture and share with the world work from the likes of Blank Realm, Totally Mild, Boomgates, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Terrible Truths, Lower Plenty and so many more. The label prides itself on calling this roster of artists a family, and treats each individual with as much love and respect as another.

The Bedroom Suck family is a group of independent, like-minded artists sharing their music with a global audience. BSR strongly believes in creativity, honesty and innovation, and hope to foster a vibrant and welcoming music scene in everything we do.

Bedroom Suck Records.