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Sam Redston

Executive Director

Sam Redston is executive director of MPavilion. The many and varied projects Sam has collaborated on all have a common thread: outstanding creative vision with extraordinary technical and operational challenges—with MPavilion a perfect example. Sam is motivated to deliver outstanding creative concepts using a blend of production, business, logistics and operational skills developed over 20 years in event production and project management roles.

Project highlights over the past 15 years include: MPavilion operations 2014–17; program manager, White Night Melbourne and Ballarat 2017; owner of Flot & Jet, producers of diverse arts projects; director, Creative Production Services 2008–15; major public art installations at Federation Square 2012, 2014–15; Melbourne Fashion Festival parties & public events (various) 2003, 2008–12; Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony; Keating! The Musical 2006 premiere season; production manager/technical director Jack Morton Worldwide 2006–8.