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Phoebe Whitman

Phoebe Whitman’s practice attends to surface through temporal, material and digital processes. She uses painting, sculpture and photography to approach various sites and situations. Through gentle processes of observation, framing, intervention, arrangement and (re)presentation an opening to imminent occurrences and potentialities with surface transpires.

Phoebe is presently undertaking a practice-based PhD, titled Surface Encounter at RMIT University, in the School of Architecture & Urban Design. The research practice challenges prevailing perceptions of surface and proposes surface as a situation for potentiality, sensation and encounter.

Phoebe completed a BA in Fine Art Painting in 1999 and a BD Interior Design at RMIT in 2005. In 2008 Phoebe joined the Interior Design program at RMIT University as a full-time lecturer. Presently she coordinates the final year of the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) program; supervises final year students undertaking a self-directed major project and teaches Design Studio to second and third-year students.