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Photo by Claudia Maulder.

Iceclaw were born from a sub-glacial fissure on the Leopold and Astrid coast of Antarctica in 2011. They began finding their direction in the blinding whiteness using the distinct howls of the icy Antarctic winds to create an accurate mental design of the surrounding terrains.

Iceclaw have spent their years following the wind calls to many sacred and spiritual realms on earth, witnessing, sampling, examining and analysing. The knowledge they gather from these experiences is then presented as improvised sonic waveforms and blazing lights, allowing the audience the requisite conditions to delineate and explore these places and ideas for themselves as iceclaw had done in the Antarctic many years ago.

Although electronics, vocals and guitars form a staple instrumentation, iceclaw’s Nick Lane (This Is Your Captain Speaking) and John Koutsogiannis (duckjuggler) will utilise any sounds necessary to communicate coordinates and transfigure reality.

Photo by Claudia Maulder.