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Hector Jonges

Hector Jonges.

Hector Jonges is a graduated architect and engineer who initiated his carrier in Spain as a designer in public and private sectors. Nowadays, he has seven years of international experience, working across four different countries, including Australia, where he moved three years ago. He personal and professional qualifications, allowed him to work in well known cities as Barcelona, Hangzhou, Singapore or Melbourne.

Hector’s career as an architect has been focus in transportation, mainly in Metro projects, designing underground stations and viability studies for new Metro lines. He was involved in Singaporean Thompson East Coast Line, a twenty-eight billion project, currently under construction, which links city and Changi Airport crossing by the East coast of the island. Also in Singapore, he was leading the designing team for Cross Island Line, a future metro line for Singapore to link east, city and west. A massive infrastructure project, where the designing team proposed thirty-seven new stations with heavy impact in the city urban fabric.

In Melbourne he was leading the designing team for the Station Library Metro project, for the duration of reference design phase. After that, he has been working in commercial, and infrastructure projects, also located in Melbourne, with a big impact in the urban context.

Hector Jonges.