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Eine Kleine Wind

Eine Kleine Wind (EKW) exists for the purpose of making fine quality chamber music while bringing wind instruments to centre stage. The name Eine Kleine Wind or ‘a little wind ensemble’ is a take on Mozart’s famous composition Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music) which was the first piece arranged for this ensemble.
Our base ensemble consists of oboe (Rachel Curkpatrick), horn (Rosie Savage) and bassoon (Emma Morrison) and with this trio EKW has developed the ‘Upwind! Education Program’ with the aim to inspire students to take up learning these lesser known instruments. This program has been successful in inspiring young people to become engaged in music and also to help school music programs to build numbers on these instruments. The unique instrumentation is refreshing and audiences at EKW public concerts find it interesting to have a chance to see these instruments in a chamber music setting compared to the distance of an orchestra.
In addition to our public concerts and education program, EKW provides music for private events, ceremonies and corporate functions.