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The Rogue Academy

Amanda Shone and Fiona Lee.

The Rogue Academy is an art education and research agency that offers a number of social and participatory art projects that address wider contemporary issues in society. Beyond established institutions, museums and known pedagogies, The Rogue Academy seeks alternatives for the production of knowledge that change contexts, cross disciplines and seek new approaches for engaging within public space. Founded and run by artist and researcher Fiona Lee and artist and educator Amanda Shone, the academy aims to set in motion alternative thinking through the social and participatory space. The agency, and its series of programs, is driven by a combined interest in social art practice and participatory public art.

Fiona Lee’s research and art practice has looked at conversational engagement in art—as a means to generate and rethink old habits and build knowledge. Her works are primarily event-based and dialogical. She currently lecturers at Deakin University, teaching across contemporary visual culture, public art and art education.

Amanda Shone works as an artist and arts educator. With a focus on participatory art, Amanda’s solo and collaborative practice is multidisciplinary, based within sculptural installation. Interested in the idea that reality is contingent on the viewer, Amanda’s work explores the difference between actual experience and preconceived ideas.

Amanda Shone and Fiona Lee.