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The Design & Creative Practice Enabling Capability Platform

Photo by Adam R Thomas.

The Design & Creative Practice Enabling Capability Platform (ECP) is one of eight research clusters at RMIT University. The Design and Creative Practice ECP focuses on ensuring social connection and sustainability are enhanced by new technologies through design and creative practice research that draws on social and digital innovation.

DCP researchers are inventive, playful, explorative and progressive in their approach to real-world problems that lie at the intersection of digital design, sustainability and material innovation. Focused on critical, agile and interdisciplinary practice-based research, this platform is committed to advancing social and digital innovation and alternative pathways for impact through collaboration.

The cluster asks how design and creative practice can be deployed to reimagine health, resilience and wellbeing; how play can be used as a probe for creative solutions; how to reimagine a world that has equality, bio-diversity and sustainability at its core; and how to look at the models for conceptualising design and creativity as creating value for industry.

Photo by Adam R Thomas.