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Sweet Whirl

Melbourne band Sweet Whirl is fronted by songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist Esther Edquist, and hits a bittersweet balance between seductive musicality and poignant lyrical insight.

Starting out as a solo project for bass and voice, Sweet Whirl’s first release “O.K. Permanent Wave” was put out on cassette tape by Nice Music in 2016 and was the first release on the label to sell out two consecutive runs. In late 2017 the project expanded to a three-piece band for the recording of a suite of songs that will be released in early 2019.

Work on a full length album is underway, and Sweet Whirl’s current live performances reflect the energy of this exciting new project; each show explores a different version of known material, a playing with genre, a change in personnel or a change of pace.

A consummate yet disarming showman, Edquist’s live performances are integral to her songwriting process, and it’s this which has characterised Sweet Whirl as truly generous, engaging and repeatable musical experience.