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Golden Gate Brass

Formed in 2017 at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), Golden Gate Brass is an ensemble dedicated to providing high quality performances of brass repertoire. Its members are Michael Olsen and Fletcher Cox (trumpets), Aidan Gabriels (horn), Jackson Bankovic (trombone), and Jason Catchpowle (tuba).

Golden Gate Brass have appeared in concert at ANAM, Four Winds, The Savage Club, The Brunswick Green and at the National Gallery of Victoria and have collaborated with Ad Lib Collective and the Corelia Quintet. Each member of the ensemble maintains an impressive career in their own right, having collectively appeared in every full-time professional orchestra in the country as well as in numerous other performances, festivals and competitions across Australia.

Golden Gate Brass provide performances which are high energy, innovative and exciting. They have also shared their experience with younger musicians through their involvement at ANAM, UWA, Four Winds and South Coast Music Camp. Golden Gate Brass enjoy sharing their love of music with a younger audience and with those that may not have previously had opportunities to see a chamber ensemble perform. They are passionate about commissioning new works to augment the brass quintet repertoire and aim to bring high quality performances of brass quintet music to the public.