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Ciro Márquez

Ciro Márquez.

Born in Spain, Ciro Márquez received his Masters in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In 1999 he established the mmmm… group, an artist team that works on public and participative art. Mmmm… projects include the ‘Amazon virus’, awarded for production in the Art & Artificial Life International Competition, Vida 5.0 by the Telefónica Foundation in 2002; Telemadre.com, a social exchange model and seminar study case at the Media Anthropology Network, EASA; Dinero para leer, a project for the Instituto Cervantes exhibited in New York, Beijing and Canberra; Orquesta dispersa, commissioned by the Victoria-Gasteiz City Council; Meeting Bowls, an installation that took place in Times Square, New York in 2011; and BUS, a permanent public art work in Baltimore since 2014, both resulting from international competitions.

In 2017, mmmm… staged their action Human Rabbits in Melbourne, as part of a retrospective of their work at RMIT Gallery. The action saw fifty people walking the streets and laneways of the city wearing large cardboard rabbit-heads on their shoulders.

Currently a lecturer in Architecture at Deakin University, Ciro has taught in China, South Korea and Spain.

Ciro Márquez.